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[Pre-Order] Car Shop

[Pre-Order] Car Shop

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1:64 Car Shop with LED Lights – a miniature marvel for enthusiasts who appreciate the finer details. This finely crafted model replicates the charm of a car shop in precise 1:64 scale. Equipped with LED lights, this display piece adds a touch of realism, illuminating your miniature cars with a captivating glow. Perfect for collectors seeking an eye-catching showcase, this miniature car shop elevates your collection with style and sophistication. Bring your miniature world to life with this unique addition to your collection.


Dimension: L 28.5cm x W 30cm x H 13.5cm 
Detachable parking lot.
Material: PVC Board
LED Lights installed
Power Source: USB connection

(Approx. Release Date : June 2024 subjects to the manufacturer's final decision)

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